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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions related to fertility or fertility preservation.

  • how/where to check my fertility
  • is egg freezing for me / what are my options
  • how to choose my clinic

GUIDES - coming soon!!

Did you know that you can actively and positively influence the quality of your oocytes and the hormonal balance in your body as well as the progress of the stimulation period? No? Keen on knowing how? Don't miss out on our guides.
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Special offer for Geneva ladies

Starting from Fall 2018 you will be able to join our afterwork 'blue ribbon parties' where we will be happy to have a drink with you and talk about how fertility and fertility preservation works; typically, we will have a room reserved in a bar for privacy reasons and to discuss the topic in casual environment.

By demand and when preferred, we come to yours and cover the fertility and egg freezing topic for you and your friends in more personalised and private way.

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